Phil Lassiter is one of the dopeest musicians I know, and the best horn arranger of all time 

-Bobby Sparks 


“the genius of phil is to marry his masterpiece arrangements  that concludes the story of the song. his sound lifts the idea off of the paper until you feel it in your chest”. 

-Kirk Franklin 


“What do you need to know about Phil Lassiter? His trumpet playing is awesome, he writes ridiculous (in a good way!) horn arrangements, he’s a great song writer, he possesses a deep understanding of the history of music – where it’s been and where it’s heading, and he’s a great cat on top of it all. Not to mention, his band Philthy just flat out slams! Across the board Phil is making music that appeals to the professional musician as well as the casual listener. He’s the real deal!” 

-Jeff Coffin/Dave Matthews Band 


I hope that everyone knows that I don’t use this following term loosely, but I believe that Mr. Philip Lassiter is a musical genius.  As a writer, arranger, producer and musician Phil is one of the most talented people I have encountered in over 20 years in the music industry.  Phil is one of my go-to musicians on any project that I work on and I am more and more impressed with his work every time.  I feel extremely blessed to call Phil Lassiter a colleague and a friend. 

Donald Lawrence 


I first heard of Phil as a trumpeter/arranger, and then I actually HEARD him on something he’d actually written, arranged, produced and performed. Now I’ve had the good fortune of having the full “Philthy” experience… And I’ll never be the same. From now on I will try and get a little “philthy” in everything I do. 

-Tommy Sims