Book 11-time Grammy winning horn/string arranger Philip Lassiter for a clinic at your education facility or join him for an online course!


●  8 week course on modern horn arranging 

●  90 minute zoom class every Saturday at 10am CST 

●  Study & analysis of instructorʼs scores and protools recordings 

●  Covers everything from orchestration, transposition, notation, ranges to creative approach, taste and style. 

●  In depth study of voicings and techniques specific to my style. 

●  Assignments given every week to challenge students 

●  Critique of every individualʼs arrangements 

●  Access to professor throughout the week via email for questions and assistance 

In this course you will learn how to write for 3 to 8 piece horn sections for modern musical styles. This course will equip you to know everything you need to know about applying your ideas to the horn section and how to effectively communicate and notate your horn arrangements. 

We will study my recordings and get inside them, analyzing voicings, melodic motifs and techniques used to write HOT horn arrangements for modern music. 

Through this course, you WILL understand the horn section like never before, opening the door to a vast new world of creativity and musical wonder. Some understanding of music theory & notation would be helpful but not entirely mandatory. 

This class is available for all levels of students but will be tailored to fit each studentʼs needs and desires. 

Price: $1,250 to reserve spot 

Note: Payment plan available if needed. Please email me to work out a payment schedule. 


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His years of performance, writing, and arranging experience for the greatest artists of our time (Prince, Kirk Franklin, Ariana Grande, Anderson Paak, Tori Kelly, Jill Scott, and many others) give his students access to a world they can only imagine as working musicians. He is a veteran of the industry and internationally acclaimed artist in his own right. 

The workshop will cover:

- Horn Arrangement

- Working in The Music Industry

- Personal Practice

- Professionalism

- Business Ethics

- Musical Techniques

- Stylistic Approaches for Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, and beyond


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A sample of schools Philip Lassiter has given clinics at: 

  • Berklee School of Music (Tonya Darby - Head of Brass Dept)
  • Denver School Of The Arts 
  • Haarlem Conservatory (Haarlem, The Netherlands)
  • University of Central Oklahoma 
  • Camden Repertory Theater's P.A.C.E. Program (Camden, NJ)
  • Brandywine Heights High School (Mertztown, PA) 
  • Snow College (Ephraim, UT)



“Philip Lassiter’s masterclass was energetic and inspiring. The students really loved the positive way he inspired them to be more precise and accurate and it helped them to be a tighter horn-section and a more powerful and expressive band. They enjoyed every minute, had a lot of fun and worked hard at the same time.”

– Arjan Muusz , Coördinator Pop (Head of the Pop-Department) Conservatorium Haarlem 



“Philip Lassiter’s masterclass was really inspiring to me! Because of his enthusiasm, knowhow and experiences in probably the coolest bands I can think of (for example Prince), he knows how to motivate you even more to do the boring exercises we all have to do to try to become a horn-player as good as he is. This inspiring masterclass will be in my mind a really long time, and I would recommend every pop/jazz conservatory to hire Philip!”  

-International Student , Conservatorium Haarlem 


“Inspiring, captivating, informative and current are just a few adjectives that describe the presentation of internationally acclaimed, musician, songwriter producer and arranger Philip Lassiter. Mr. Lassiter’s presentation to my 112 middle school band students showed them firsthand how musical creativity works in our technology driven world. It was so refreshing to have an artist demonstrate the creative process and show in particular how arrangers help tell the story of a song.” 

-Leon Frison, Director of Bands at Kent County Middle School 


“Mr. Lassiter was an exceptional clinician at my school. Very rarely do I bring someone in that is completely engaging to ALL my students and able to relate to every kid, but he did just that. The stories, inspirational moments, and knowledge of the music scene and technological advancements made it a worth while clinic for all students from various grades. I can not recommend a clinician in a more glowing way than the way I would recommend Mr. Lassiter.”

- Ben Es, Brandywine Heights High School, Mertztown PA 


 “Mr. Lassiter presented an informative clinic presenting very real world experiences as a musician and producer. I would highly recommend him as a clinician live or online!”

- Brian Gorell, University of Central Oklahoma  


“We are extremely excited to have had Philip Lassiter as a clinician for our aspiring arrangers and brass players. His methods have inspired young inner city musicians to study and research to find the specificity in arrangements in a particular genre of music. Phil’s sessions are part of a movement to create lovers of arranging in contemporary music, brass players with a clear perspective on fundamentals for producing quality sound and most of all producing music that simply “FEELS GOOD.”

- Jamal Dickerson, Camden Repertory Theater's P.A.C.E. Program, Camden NJ 


"I had the unique pleasure of hosting three distinguished guest artists at Snow College on Friday September 21 2018. Their names were Philip Lassiter, Elliot Yamin, and Iahji Hamden. I have to say they presented one of the most special, informative and engaging workshops that we have ever had at Snow College. They covered the whole gamut of what it takes to be part of the music industry, from personal practice, professionalism, business ethics, musical techniques, stylistic approaches for Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, and beyond. They performed for the students, listened and critiqued the students' performances, and held a ja session, which the students loved. They kept the student body engaged and interested during the entire 5-hour workshop. I also received many positive comments from students after the workshop. I would highly recommend Philip Lassiter and his colleagues to any serious music institution, or other place of learning or performance. " 

-Philip Kuehn, Director of Jazz Studies at Snow College, Ephraim UT