Tupelo, MS

What happens when Mono Neon, Mark Lettieri, Elliott Yamin, Emoni Wilkins and PHILTHY come together for a 1 time live streamed concert? - COSMIC FIREWORKS OF FUNK AND WEIRDNESS CRACK A WHOLE IN THE EARTH’S CRESCENT, that’s what.  

Philthy is hosting a online concert from Tupelo, MS. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased through Concert Window at

This is a musical event like no other to help make the 2nd Philthy album Party Crashers. Only $20 to witness the funk, the whole funk and nothin' but the PHUNK in your earholes for a solid 2 hrs or longer.  

We’ll be taking q&a’s about our experiences working with legends like Prince, as well as talking about the new album and where we are headed.